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2.4 Models of crustal deformation

DGFI is computing frequently Actual Plate KInematic and crustal deformation Models (APKIM) based on space geodetic observations (GPS, SLR, DORIS, VLBI). The latest model, APKIM2005, is based on the International Terrestrial Reference Frame 2005 (ITRF2005) computed from continuous epoch coordinates (weekly or session-wise, respectively) provided by the corresponding IAG Services. The used data set includes 305 velocities on rigid plates and 143 velocities in deformation zones. If different velocities at a site were estimated in ITRF2005, all of them entered into the processing. The aim is to realize the present-day kinematic no net rotation (NNR) constraint for the ITRF and to provide a new geodetic model for tectonic interpretation.

Comparison of geodetic (APKIM2005) and geophysical (PB2002) plate kinematic models

Plate Kinematic Models

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